Prophet Siobhan J. Elston

Prophet Siobhan J. Eslton

Siobhan J. Elston was saved at the age of 22 and has a story from riches to rags as her life became entangled with wrong types of men and the great responsibility of being a single mother of three at an early age. With the hand of God over her (unbeknownst to her) from 1982 to 1989, came up out of a backslidden condition in 1990 with an intimate and full commitment to Christ in 1994.. Since that time she has labored fervently in ministry with women. She began to move intensely in the things of God and was ordained Minister in 1999 and ordained as Elder in 2001 and Pastor that same year. Just recently she has been ordained into the office of Prophet on April 25, 2004

Her heart has always been with helping women in the knowledge of the full power and authority in Jesus Christ.

From the old school, Prophet Siobhan came up in a time when women in the pulpit was unheard of, but that never stopped a deep yearning deep within. God brought two powerful women into her view. Iona Locke a young evangelist in Los Angeles at the time, Pastor/Prophetess Sheila Washington of Houston Texas and Prophetess Sonia Ward of Cleveland Ohio. These women had a great impact on her life as she watched their uncompromising faith and walk with God. She is thankful for her brief encounters with these women.

On February 17, 1996 Prophet Siobhan married Apostle Leslie B. Elston, the Senior Pastor of “The Church of the Four Winds” on the west side of Cleveland. They labor together in ministry watching God’s transforming power on the lives of His people. Prophet Siobhan is currently overseeing two ministries.

Tea for Two and W.A.R. ministries are designed to encourage women by showing them basic bible principles to take them from abuse to abundance according to the Word of God in spite of their surroundings. Prophet Siobhan is an active student in Torah studies and she strives to get more understanding about the Hebrew roots of her Christian faith