Apostle Leslie B. Elston


Apostle Leslie B. Elston was born and raised in the Bronx in New York City. After several years of military service the blinded life of New York City caused him to leave this lifestyle and move to Cleveland, Ohio in his late twenties. Having been in and out of church most of his life, it was time for the hypocritical and dysfunctional lifestyle to change and he began living truthfully for God by the age of 30 and was thrusted into ministry.
After several years in ministry he married his current wife Pastor Siobhan J. Elston and began a family with their three children. Shortly he became a part of many missionary trips including the continent of Africa. After several years of faithful service he was ordained Pastor in the year of 2000.

He began The Church of the Four Winds in this year with the helpful assistance and support of his wife Siobhan, and has been married now for 22 enhanced and beautiful years. In October 2006 Pastor Leslie B. Elston was introduced to the Torah, God’s teaching and instruction. After a trip to Denver he met Rabbi Ralph Messer and it was shortly after this encounter that teaching Yeshua and the Torah became the future of his life, the ministry and the community. Taking Torah to the nations is at the heart of this community. Now with the mentorship, covenant relationship of Rabbi Ralph Messer and the education of the International Center for Torah Studies (I.C.T.S.), the community has a foundation of biblical instructions that has enhanced their lives spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

Pastor Leslie B. Elston is currently a facilitator for I.C.T.S. and has been honored to be ordained as the Regional Director for the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey under Simchat Torah Beit Midrash and its CEO Rabbi Ralph Messer.